October 28, 1978. Clemson was playing NC State in Raleigh. Lester Brown had just made a big play when I suddenly realized that a big play was commencing in my belly. Jennifer was due on October 19th. Should have known then that she was destined to do things on her on time. 🙂  She waited until the 29th to make her appearance at 1:05 p.m. Jennifer was a beautiful 6lb baby girl. She looked like a baby doll and she was our baby doll. She was Daddy’s little girl and what a proud daddy he was. She attended Clemson football games before she was born and I proudly wore my homemade “Future Tiger” t-shirt to all of the games in 1978. I still have and now cherish that shirt. She could say GO Tigers before she could say many other words. Her blood was orange from the beginning. It remained orange until the very end. Our sweet son placed his orange Clemson shirt on her and it was on that shirt that her hands were laying, holding a cross, when God called her home. She will have the best seat on Monday. I imagine that she, TTT Tony and Coach Howard will be instrumental in some of the plays that will be called during the game. Keep it clean, Coach Howard. That’s our baby girl sitting beside you. Yell loud baby girl. We will be listening. Love you. GO TIGERS!