Sometimes things happen and you know that it is definitely a divine intervention. My husband and I wanted to send our son and our son-in-law to the College National Football Championship in Phoenix next Monday. Tickets were available through a friend; all we had to do was get airline tickets. Piece of cake. This was going to be the trip of a lifetime. Our university is playing Alabama for the National Championship! Hasn’t happened since 1981; the year our son was born. Round trip tickets for 2 were going to be $1800 EACH! Impossible. The wind went right out of my sails. Our son-in-law needed a distraction and this was the perfect distraction. Oh how I hated to make those phone calls. He and our son were fine. They were content to watch it on TV. I wanted them to make memories. Memories are important. Well, our son-in-law called me yesterday afternoon to tell me that he was one of three Clemson graduate employees corporate-wide to be chosen to go to the game, ALL EXPENSES PAID! His company was also going to choose three Alabama graduate employees to attend the game. I have to believe that this was indeed divine intervention perhaps with a little nudge from our daughter. I know she will be smiling down from her front row seat in Heaven, cheering as loudly as she can and I’m sure that our son-in-law will feel her presence there, also. Blessings come in all kinds of ways when least expected. Thanks be to God!