Every trip to the beach was special. Our family always had such a great time. There were summers when the entire family went which meant there would be at least 30 people sharing a huge house. Wonderful memories were made during these huge family vacations. The six brothers and their spouses would share memories and laugh so much; each brother tried to one-up the others. The cousins began to develop a closer bond with each other and that bond continues to get stronger even though the huge family vacations have stopped. We had a favorite restaurant at the beach. The food was always good and always plentiful. Jennifer and I would share a plate and we would each eat 3 shrimp and 3 hush puppies. That was our special treat and a standing joke whenever we were discussing what to have for dinner. It didn’t matter where we were. Even if we were at home talking about food the answer would always be “3 shrimp and 3 hushpuppies”. I know there must be 3 shrimp and 3 hushpuppies in Heaven just for her. There has to be.