From the time our children could speak, if they didn’t feel well they would always ask me to make them some chicken and dumplings. My mother taught me how to make these from scratch and they are delicious. I tried using frozen dumplings once to see if the kids would notice. One bite was all it took!  Never tried that again! Whenever we would go to my mama’s house, there would always be a pot of chicken and dumplings on the stove, waiting to be eaten by Jennifer and Robert. Most of the time she wouldn’t even know we were coming; she just “had a feeling”…After all of these years, chicken and dumplings are still the comfort food of choice in this house. As Mama would say, “they give you strength”.

The tradition continues because our grandson has been sick and Robert called tonight asking if we could come over tomorrow and perhaps some chicken and dumplings would help Wesley to feel better. The chicken is thawing in the refrigerator now…we will see you before lunch tomorrow.

One poster that Jennifer made in elementary school is one that I will always treasure. I’m sure you will understand why…image