Clemson played a phenomenal game. Thought we were going to win but it didn’t happen. Our players should be very proud of themselves. They played with passion and perseverance. They never gave up. We are extremely proud of our team and what they represent. Football is just a game though. It is not life or death. Losing a game hurts but only for a while. You move on.

Losing a child or a family member hurts. Forever. Moving on is very difficult to do. There are no replays. No time outs. The pain, the emptiness, the feeling that you want to scream to the top of your lungs and the tears that won’t dry up are ever present. Family and friends certainly help you get through some of the hard times. It’s the solitude, the times when your mind won’t shut down and the times when you just don’t think you can make it through another day though that tear at your very soul. Losing a child no matter the age, changes your life forever in ways that cannot be explained. It is just something that you have to deal with. It also makes you appreciate the loved ones around you more even though you already love them with all of your heart. The time spent with family and friends becomes more precious. Making memories becomes more precious. Don’t take anything for granted. Dont procrastinate. There are no promises in the game called life. Live it to the fullest. Cherish each moment with family and friends. Have no regrets. Do the best you can possibly do each day and thank God for the opportunity of waking up to a new day.