Throughout the past few weeks our son has been my rock. He has demonstrated strength when I had none. He has been my encourager, my shoulder to cry on and most importantly, he has been a loving, understanding son. He knows when I am hurting and the concern is obvious in his eyes. He doesn’t have to say a word; I know our son well. He calls me more these days and his timing is uncanny. I sometimes think that he has a sixth sense because his timing is so perfect. Like his dad he is a man of few words but his words are so meaningful when he talks to me. He knows what I need to hear when I don’t even know myself. His smile, his arm around my shoulder, his laughter and his ability to always find some kind of humor even in bad situations to lighten the mood is a talent that I wish I had. He seems to remember the perfect line at the perfect time from the many movies that he can recite verbatim and out of the blue, he will quote from Monty Python, Tommy Boy, Caddyshack…his list is long, and often others around him will pick up where the left off and so it goes. How can one be sad during times like that? That moment in time is hilarious and is so appreciated. He is a wonderful father to our grandson. To watch him interact with our grandson makes my heart swell wih pride. He is such a loving parent and a wonderful husband. I am grateful for him everyday and I thank God for him everyday.