A son was born 23,377 days ago to a couple who already had 4 boys. The quest for a daughter failed again and so it was that they welcomed son #5 into their lives. One last attempt 4 years later resulted in son #6; a daughter was not meant to be.

Son #5 is my husband. We were high school sweethearts and among other things, he is the reason that I passed geometry. I could have cared less about proving theorems but he had a mathematical aptitude and he helped me as I struggled through that class. Never had I been so happy as the day when that class was behind me. After graduation from high school we went to different universities but our relationship survived the distance between us.

Fast forward to May, 1973 when we were married and the adventure began. Many adventures and birthdays later, here we are. No longer are lavish birthday presents desired or expected. Birthday cards from the store are now identified as a waste of money, at least to us. Why is a birthday card needed to tell someone happy birthday? Cards are either too mushy, too corny or just don’t express what is in our hearts. What a shame it would be if we had to depend on someone else, a total stranger, to create a card to let a loved one know how you really felt about them. A handmade card is so much more meaningful. Other times the sentiment is even written on a post-it note if anything is written at all. It simply isn’t as important anymore. What is important is that we will celebrate his birthday and be grateful for the opportunity to do so once again.

We both have had many birthdays since we were high school sweethearts and I hope that we will be able to celebrate many more. Who knows, a card may even be purchased for one of those birthdays. For now, though, I will simply say “Happy Birthday, Honey. I love you.” He will understand what is in my heart and that is what matters the most.