We quietly celebrated Rob’s birthday today. It’s difficult to do anything special on a weeknight even in the best of circumstances. Work and other responsibilities or obligations seem to get in the way. Many of our friends and family sent birthday emails or text messages to him which lifted his spirits. Our 2 year old grandson “called” and said “happy birthday, Papa” and that really made him smile. Our grandson can always make us smile. Sometimes though we have to hide our smiles when we are trying to be firm with him if he is doing something that he shouldn’t. Being “Papa and Gamma firm” is not the same as being “mom and dad firm” and I imagine that his mom and dad understand that. We really do try but when he cocks his sweet little head and grins, it is usually all over for us. Grandparents aren’t supposed to be true disciplinarians are we? We know the rules, we know the routine, we know the desired bedtime, we really do. We always make attempts to follow the rules, etc. when he is at our house. We don’t want to get in trouble…😉

Late this evening we were informed of the birth of our great nephew. He wasn’t due until February 7th but I’m thinking that Jennifer and God discussed the situation and thought that Carson being born on Rob’s birthday would be a great birthday present. They were right, but of course God would be! Rob is thrilled to share his birthday with  Carson. They already have a bond and haven’t even met each other yet! I think it is very interesting that our grandson was named after Carson’s grandfather and Carson was born on his great uncle’s birthday. Coincidence? Probably, but I prefer to think of it as something much more powerful.

As I was headed home from a quick visit to our favorite men’s shop, MH Frank, Ltd.,  I saw beautiful rays of sun peeking through the clouds. It was so pretty I had to take a picture. I believe that our Sunshine was sending us a message of joy because a new life was about to be born. Keep sending those signs, honey, we need them. We will always need them. By the way, you made Robert smile when he got in his truck, started it up, and “Spirit in the Sky” immediately came on. That is his song for you these days. I talked to Doug this evening and like us, he is trying to become accustomed to the “new norm” and like us, it is difficult. In this case, reality is not what we want to face but we have no choice. We love and miss you so much but we know that you are our guardian angel and now with the arrival of Carson, you are really going to be busy. We know that we are in good hands with you and God watching over us but it still hurts and it always will.  Help us, honey. We can’t do this alone. I love you, Mom