Comfort comes in many forms. Perhaps the most obvious or the most frequent types of comfort comes from a hug, a phone call, a card or a visit. Here in the South, food is always brought to the home when there has been a loss of a family member, the birth of a child or during times of sickness. Comfort food is just that – comfort. In addition to providing nourishment, comfort food is a symbol of friendship and compassion. With each bite of the delicious food, one is reminded that someone cares and is trying to help no matter what the situation may be. We have certainly been blessed with friends and family providing comfort to us recently when our hearts were completely broken. The concern of family and friends doesn’t end within a few days because how could one recover from a broken heart in just a few days? When our friends and family remind us that they are only a phone call away and that they continue to pray for us, we know that they mean what they are saying. What a comfort it is to know that.

I wear a cross necklace containing some of our daughter’s ashes. I only take it off when I shower. Many times throughout the day I will lift the cross to my lips and kiss it. It is my way of giving her a kiss. Wearing the necklace also keeps her close to my heart. This necklace gives me comfort.

I sleep with the plaid shirt that she wore to the hospital. I hug the shirt at night and I find comfort in that because in a way, I am hugging her.

One of the wonderful ladies at our church made a prayer shawl for me. It is beautiful and so soft. I wear it almost all of the time when I am at home; I am wearing it now. I think about the time that was spent crocheting the shawl and the many prayers that were said while the shawl was being made and I am deeply humbled. When I’m wearing the shawl, it’s almost as if I can feel the arms of God wrapped around me. What a wonderful feeling that is. What a comfort that is!

My family is my biggest source of comfort. I love them all so much and I thank God everyday for my family. I tell them every time I see them or talk to them that I love them.

Whatever it takes to bring you comfort, do it. It may not be a necklace, a shirt or a prayer shawl; it may not be something tangible. What is important is that you find your peace and comfort somewhere.  As is said in Matthew 5:4, “Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted.”

Amen and Amen.