I dislike politics. I dislike the way that the politicians are conducting themselves. I dislike all of the negativity that seems to be the norm these days. Promises are being made that will not be kept. Personal attacks against other candidates are getting worse by the day. The language used by some of the politicians is unforgivable and if you are not familiar with the books of the Bible, please don’t attempt to quote from it!

Miracles are not going to happen if Candidate A, B or C wins the election. Problems will not be readily solved. The world will continue to be as complex as it ever has been and no one person is going to be able to wave their magic wand or say the magic words and make it all better. Somehow, some way, the elected officials are going to have to forget about their personal agenda and think about what is best for the country and most importantly, not lose sight of what really matters.  People are struggling. They need to know that someone hears them when they share their concerns and will not forget them when elected. A man’s (or woman’s) word or handshake used to mean something. These days it seems that words are just words.  I tend to think that whatever it takes to be elected, then so be it. Money talks. We all know that, but what about those who have no money and who have little or no resources?

I am concerned about our country and the world. I am concerned about what the future holds for our grandson and (hopefully) our future grandchildren. Society has become such a “me” oriented society and that bothers me. Being so concerned about being politically correct all of the time bothers me. Who coined that phrase anyway? It has created havoc among people. People are afraid to say how they feel for fear of offending someone. Really? Seriously? This is REAL LIFE. Get a grip. Learn to work together for the good of mankind. Learn to compromise. The political arena is an embarrassment these days. We are in a downward spiral and if some changes in mindset are not made, our country will cease to exist. We are destroying our country. Our national parks are not important anymore it seems. Preserving our green space doesn’t seem to be as important as it needs to be. Our natural resources are being destroyed. Outsourcing so much is destroying people’s spirit. People are suffering and want to provide for their families but the job market is bleak for so many. We need to get our country back in order. We need to be sure that our grandchildren will have a bright future. Given the mentality of those who are in charge or who are wanting to be in charge, I worry. I worry a lot.

So what can we do? We can become more familiar with the problems that our country is facing. We can make our concerns known and collectively maybe we can make a difference and even if it is a small difference, it would be a start. Most of all, we can and need to pray. We need to pray for guidance and for wisdom. We need to pray for each other. We need to be more aware of those people around us who may be hurting and we need to make an effort to let them know that we care. Pay it forward. Love your neighbor. Do unto others…  The answers to some of the problems really aren’t that hard to figure out. Having the courage to make the first step towards making a difference can be a challenge. Don’t be defeated. Just do it.