Years ago when we were first married I can remember getting very upset because buying cards for special occasions was not on my husband’s list of priorities. I, on the other hand, would read just about every card at the Hallmark store trying to find the perfect card – not too mushy, too wordy or too silly. In hindsight I now realize that I really stressed over cards! Silly me!

With the passage of time, cards became less important. Why did I need some stranger to try to express my feelings for someone I loved?  They couldn’t read my mind. They didn’t know how I expressed myself. Wonder how much money I’ve spent over the years paying for someone to write something poetic and cute? It would probably be enough to build a well in a third world country.

Now that we have a grandson I buy a Valentine card for him. The kiddie cards are an exception. For the rest of my family, well, they know how I feel about them. There is not a card on the planet that could come close to expressing the depth of love and admiration that I have for them. I tell them that I love them every chance I get. I hug them every chance I get. I am so proud of their accomplishments and they are reminded of that very often. I believe that these words and expressions will last a lifetime and a card probably will not.

So for our three children who are here, you will always have my heart and for our Angel in heaven, a part of my heart will always be there with you. I love you all very much.

Happy Valentine’s Day,