It’s the time of year that you loved so much. The time of year when you could hardly wait for the pink snow. Not everyone has ever heard of or seen pink snow; it only falls in certain places. Unlike other snow though, no snow cream can be made with it. Still we wait for this with much anticipation.
Our flowering cherry trees are in full bloom and thay are as beautiful as ever.
You would be so happy and smiling as you looked at the many blooms on the ground. As beautiful as the trees are, when the blooms fall to the ground, the ground suddenly becomes transformed into a blanket of soft, pink fluffy snow. Unlike real snow, pink snow does not melt. We simply wait on a gentle breeze to sweep the fallen blooms up into the air and little by little, the blooms are scattered about, not to be seen again until next year. There is beauty all around us but for some special things, we must be patient and wait until the time is right. Waiting on pink snow is one of those times. From now on whenever I feel that gentle breeze and see the swirling blooms being scattered all around, I know that you will be part of that breeze gently touching my face, sharing our special time once again.

I love you. Mom