Waking up this morning to the horrible news about a mass murder in Orlando, the first question in my mind was WHY? How could someone hate another person or a group of people so much that they wanted to kill them? How could one’s heart be so cold and filled with hatred? What or who suggested that they take matters into their own hands? I can’t wrap my head around this kind of behavior and I never will.

Has America become so politically correct or insensitive that we as a people are hesitant or afraid to protect everyone including targeted groups, for fear of offending someone? If the FBI had the Orlando murderer on their radar why wasn’t something done before he killed innocent people? Why are people suspected of being involved with radical groups allowed to move about and buy guns with the plans of killing someone? Why?

If one doesn’t agree with another person’s lifestyle that is no reason to attack that person. If we all thought the same way, behaved the same way or lived the same way, what a boring country this would be. There are lifestyles that I don’t understand and some that I may not agree with, but that’s ok. Each person in the LGBT community is someone’s daughter or son, brother or sister. I have friends and family members who are part of the LGBT community. I don’t understand why or how, but that lack of understanding doesn’t prevent me from loving them. A person’s sexual orientation, the color of their skin, their religious beliefs; I could go on and on…is no reason to hate or shun them. I choose to look deeper. What is in their heart? Are they making an effort to make a positive impact on the lives of others? Are they mindful and/or tolerant of others beliefs? Is it ok to agree to disagree?

There are so many problems that need more attention in this country. Mental health is a critical issue that needs to be addressed. The stigma of being mentally ill often prevents someone from seeking medical intervention. This has to change. As a society we need to quit labeling others. As a society we need to become better educated regarding the problems that are so prevalent in our country today and be willing to become part of the solution to these problems.
There needs to be more positive, structured activities for todays young people. Children need to be taught how to love, not how to hate and this begins in the home. Children hear more than we think, remember more than we think and imitate behaviors more than we think. Think about the history of our country and I bet you will agree.

To the people of the LGBT community, especially those in Orlando, I hope that you realize that this heinous crime was committed by a very sick, evil person. Innocent people of your community were killed because this person didn’t agree with your lifestyle. He had no right to do this. He allowed his hatred of alternative lifestyles to dictate the destiny of so many innocent people. There is a special place in Hell for people like him. There has to be.

Sandy Hook, Columbine, the Emanuel 9, Orlando…who will be next? Where will the next hate crime take place? Is anyone safe anymore? What must happen for the people of America, especially the government, to take notice and do something? Why hasn’t something already been done? It was very sad and depressing to hear on NBC Nightly News tonight that Great Britain referred to this most recent mass murder as “just another day in America”. When did we become so soft? Why have we allowed this to happen? It needs to stop and it needs to stop now.

God bless the victims and the families in Orlando and God, please bless America. We need You.