Sweet Louise’s funeral was today. She was married to Rob’s oldest brother for over 50 years but the last several years had to be spent apart because of her declining health.

Louise did not have a college education but she was much smarter than many people who have degrees. She was a wonderful cook and kept a meticulous house. In the summer she would have a huge garden until it became too much to handle. One of my first memories of her is going to their house and seeing her outside shelling butter beans. I believe she had a kiddie pool full of beans to shell. What an undertaking and how sore her thumbs must have been, but with each bean that she would shell, she did it with a smile on her face. Always a smile.

She was a hard worker and she worked for many years at 3M and at the WalMart Distribution Center in Laurens. I doubt that there were many employees who could keep up with her. She was a determined lady who not only did what was expected of her but went the extra mile to be sure everything was done right. Again, with a smile on her face I’m sure.

In their earlier years, she and Davis would ride his Harley to wherever the wind took them. As time moved forward, the Harley was replaced with a camper. A pop up camper was replaced with bigger campers and their last camper was a pretty luxurious 5th wheel. Their camper was always as clean and organized as her house was.

She loved camping because she loved the outdoors but she also loved meeting and talking to people. I doubt that she ever met a stranger and if she did, that person was a stranger for only a moment. Her infectious smile would put anyone at ease. Her laughter could be heard by many. She had so much joy in her heart and she loved to share that joy with everyone who crossed her path.

A tiny lady with a love for food, she could eat more than the rest of us and not gain a pound. So unfair! One of my fondest memories was when we took her and Davis to the Beacon one Saturday. Each one ordered their own slice-a-plenty and not a morsel was left on her plate…Rob and I always split a plate because we couldn’t eat a whole one. After her food was gone, she then ate a whole banana split! Like everything else at the Beacon, it wasn’t just a little banana split. Where that food went, I have no idea, but I know where it didn’t go. She kept that petite figure until the very end.

Louise. A very sweet, simple, no frills lady. A jewel many would agree. A diamond in the rough that would shine no matter what was going on around her.

Life isn’t about the diplomas on the wall or the position held in the employment world. In the end, those things don’t really matter. It’s not about social status or impressing people or having the biggest or the best of everything. All of that can be lost in a second.

Life is about family and leaving a legacy that will not soon be forgotten. Louise left such a legacy. Her love for life, her love for her family and friends new and old, and her generous, caring spirit is what people will remember about Louise. All of that and her smile will forever be her legacy.

We love you and will miss you. Give Jennifer a big hug for us please. I know she was waiting for you with a big smile on her face the minute she saw you.