A multitude of emotions have been experienced by our family since this time last year. So many emotions often experienced on the same day could be overwhelming at times.  The thought of giving up crossed my mind on occasion but only for a second.  It is easy to want to give up in the midst of extreme sadness and I can see how some people would want to do just that.  There have been times when I had to make myself get up and do things and not give in to the desire to “just be”.  On those days all I had to do was look at pictures like the one that accompanies this post and a smile would always appear and often times, a laugh would exit my mouth.

Three generations.  Father, son and grandson.  “He is his father’s son” rings true for our family.  Our son, who is the most wonderful son a mom and dad could ever hope to have, has become a wonderful father to his son, our grandson.  It is so fulfilling to watch Robert interact with our grandson now.  I see so many familiar things between them that I saw years ago when Robert was a little boy.  Always energetic and inquisitive, I really don’t know how we had the energy to keep up with him.  Now we just sit back and enjoy the ride and smile.

Robert was our laid-back, free-spirited, “no worries” child.  Sometimes he was too laid-back.  He found joy in absolutely everything; he would get upset if he stepped on a bug because the bug wasn’t hurting anything, for instance.  If there was a water puddle anywhere in our yard he would find it.  He loved to splash and play in the water and the fact that he might have on his good clothes and shoes were of no concern to him.  He was having a good time and that was all that mattered.  Climbing trees, playing in the creek, looking for buttercups in the middle of his soccer game…he and his imagination never had a dull moment!  These traits have followed him into his adult life.  He can find joy in just about everything.  Sometimes I am very envious of this ability.

“No worries, Mom”…how many times have I heard that?  Why didn’t you finish your homework?  Why are you late?  When are you going to finish that project?  “No worries, Mom”….He had the ability to test us to the limit always with a smile on his face and oh, how hard it was for us not to burst out laughing at times when we were trying to discipline him.  Now we get to watch him as he teaches his son and we wonder how hard it is for him not to laugh or smile when Wesley gives him that “no worries, dad” look.  We are enjoying the ride.

Robert has a love of music and it is obvious that Wesley is developing that same love.  How many 3 year old kids can recognize the music of Bob Marley or the Beatles and actually request to hear a particular song at any given time?  His little head will move to the beat of the music just like his dad’s often does.  I imagine that he may not even realize that he is doing this.  It has become ingrained in him.

Like his dad, he loves boiled peanuts.  Watching him eat boiled peanuts at our tailgates this fall, I just sat and marveled at him.  It was like looking back in time.  He really is a mini-Robert and that is a good thing.  His energy, his determination, his love of life and the joy that he brings to anyone who is around him reminds us of his daddy when he was the same age.  Keep it up, Wesley.  You are on the right track.  Listen to your dad, watch your dad, learn from your dad.  Let him be your hero just like your grandfather was and still is to your dad.  You are destined for greatness, at least in my eyes, if you do these things.

Laid-back, free-spirited, “no worries”…three generations of awesomeness in our family.  We are blessed beyond measure.  Thanks be to God.

By the way, Wesley loves the water, also.  I hope that he finds those random puddles in the yard. 🙂