As a grandmother, “Namma”, loving our grandchild is easy. Nothing brings me more pleasure than when our 3 1/2 year old grandson comes running to me and gives me a big hug, or wants to snuggle, or looks at me and says “I love you, Namma.” In fact, everything that he says or does just makes my heart smile. I didn’t understand when other people would talk about how different life and love is when there is a grandchild. The moment I saw our grandson, however, I immediately understood what the other grandparents meant. A whole different kind of love that can’t be explained. It must be experienced.

The day our grandson came out of a room wearing a “Big Brother” T-shirt, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’m sure he didn’t have any idea why I was crying, laughing and hugging him so tightly when the message on the shirt finally registered in my brain. Sweet little boy, he kept smiling and looking at me in amazement but said nothing.

Another grandchild! Another blessing from God! How excited all of us were…but would I have enough love for this grandchild? My heart was filled with love already. Was there room for more? This question never entered my mind when we were expecting our second child. One look at our son and the love in my heart doubled immediately. He and his sister were/are our greatest blessings. Nothing, absolutely nothing would ever change that.

Throughout our daughter-in-law’s pregnancy, I marveled at her and how well she was continuing to go through each morning, afternoon and evening even though the nausea was horrible at times. Nothing really helped and it continued throughout her pregnancy. Our son was awesome. He was always right there with her, trying to help her feel better or at least help her to make the best of things. He had a good role model. 🙂 We marveled at how well our grandson was being prepared to be a big brother. He was included in so much throughout the pregnancy and every night, he would kiss Mommy’s tummy and tell the baby good night. He was going to be such a wonderful big brother.

Mommy and Daddy didn’t want to know the sex of the baby before the birth. They didn’t know with our grandson. I thought that was great. So few surprises in this world these days and this one could be controlled. Would there be a baby brother or a baby sister? One thing that we did know was that the baby would have lots of hair; Mommy’s heartburn was awful.

During the last couple of weeks of her pregnancy, there were times when everyone thought that labor was imminent. We brought our grandson home with us for the weekend just in case…nothing happened though. This baby was going to be a strong-willed baby ( we don’t have stubborn babies in our family)! 🙂 Mother Nature wasn’t quite ready even though our daughter-in-law was. Oh well, a few more days and surely the baby would arrive. Easier for me to say than our daughter-in-law who was growing more miserable by the moment.

Finally, the day came and it wasn’t just any day. It was baby’s paternal great-grandmother’s 92nd birthday! What a gift! What a blessing! We waited and waited. The baby was born and our son came to the waiting room with a huge smile on his face. “It’s another boy!” We hugged and cried tears of joy. He told us the name which brought more tears. Two grandsons, both with very special family names. We were so proud and so blessed.

As Papa and Namma went to get the now official “Big Brother”, my thoughts returned to the question that had been on my mind for many months. Would I have enough love for our second grandson? I couldn’t imagine loving another child as much as I loved our grandson. What would I do?

When we returned to the hospital with “big brother” we still had to wait for about an hour before we could go to Mommy and baby’s room. We only knew his name and that he had lots of hair. (Told you so, didn’t I?) We didn’t even know baby’s weight yet! Now we were getting impatient. Grandson #2 was waiting on us!

Finally, our son came to get us. He scooped big brother up in his arms and gave him a big kiss and a huge hug. “Let’s go see your baby brother” he said. Just sure that he wasn’t ever going to tell us, I asked “How much does he weigh??” With a huge smile on his face, he proudly said, “9lbs. 5oz!” Wow, I thought!  Dabo, put him on the watchlist for a position on the football team! Poor Mommy, I thought…

Ok, the moment of truth was now. There was no turning back. Would I have enough love for this baby? My question was answered the moment I saw him. His fingers, his toes and all of that beautiful hair. He was a beautiful baby as we knew he would be. He was perfect in every way.

The moment I took our precious grandson in my arms and began reading  his first book to him, I fell in love all over again.  My heart was overflowing with so much love for him. How silly of me to even wonder. A grandmother’s heart and love knows no boundaries!

Britton, Namma loves you so very much. You and your brother are my heart forever and always.

With love,