It’s that time of year; the trees are beginning to bud, the flowers are slowly awakening, the grass needs to be cut, and overnight, a veil of yellow pollen has covered our nice, clean black car.

Springtime in the South is a favorite time of the year for me. I love the transformation from winter to spring. The short days and long nights become longer days and shorter nights and everyone seems to have a “spring in their steps”. (No pun intended. ūüôā). ¬†Neighbors are seen outside surveying their yards and deciding what needs to be done right away. ¬†Flower beds are cleaned out and an occasional snake is uncovered in the process, but no worry, our naturalist niece assures us that what we see are harmless brown snakes. ¬†I trust her…so far. ¬†Thoughts turn to planting a vegetable garden even though last year’s garden was going to be the absolute last garden for me. Too hot and lack of rain with poor yield in spite of all of the time and effort that was spent trying to have a successful garden…just not worth it; at least that’s what I’m thinking right now. If I don’t go to Lowes or Griff’s, just maybe I will not be tempted.

What I am going to enjoy this year is watching our son teach our grandson about gardening. ¬†He is only 3 1/2 years old but he is so curious about everything and wants to be doing whatever his daddy is doing outside. ¬†I remember the times when our son could care less about gardening, certainly didn’t want to mow the lawn or rake leaves or do any kind of yard work. Times have changed, though. Now that he has a family and his own home, he takes pride in having a well-manicured lawn. He wants to change the layout of his flower bed in front of the house to make it more attractive. He is already planning his garden and has decided where the garden should be this year. He has built something in which to have a herb garden. The son who didn’t seem to have any interest in these things at all has discovered a fondness for working outside in his yard. When we are visiting them and he is doing some yard work, I sit back, watch and smile. Our son, who used to watch his dad and learn from his dad, is now teaching his son the lessons that have been passed down from generation to generation. ¬†I watch and my heart fills with pride. He really was listening, at least some of the time, and it shows. He also has become quite good at making things using the tools that he has gotten over the years. He is his father’s son; a little thought and ingenuity and soon, something will be built. ¬†He makes his dad very proud, too.

We will most likely complain too much in the days to come. Allergies will be a bother for a while with everything blooming. The pollen especially from the pine trees will create havoc for many of us but it’s ok. It won’t last forever but we know it’s time to stock up on antihistamines and Kleenex because they will be needed sooner than later.

Pollen, allergies, gardening, yard work, etc.; it’s that time of year. It’s a time for renewal and that is a good thing. ¬†Watching our son teach his son the lessons that he was taught as he was growing up, well, that is priceless.

i love you, Robert. You are a wonderful son and an awesome father, and we thank God for you.image