It seemed to rain almost every time she visited from Chicago. In fact, we started joking that she must be in town because it was raining. She would earn a few points only to lose some of them when she brought the rain; I worried that she would soon end up in the negative column! She never did, though. There were too many special things about her that would “earn” her some points.

We would tease her about her lack of knowledge or understanding of the South and the southern customs. How could someone not know about fried okra, biscuits with gravy or chicken and dumplings? Bless her heart. She couldn’t help it that she was from a foreign place called Connecticut and her relatives were all “up north”. It was our responsibility to expose her to the finer things in life.😉 She called a buggy a grocery cart; she referred to a toboggan as a stocking cap. Mercy. Poor girl. In spite of her lack of familiarity of “all things southern”, there was something special about her. She had manners. She was quiet and unassuming. She was respectful. Qualities that you hope to see in every person were very obvious in her. Good job, Kathy & Chris. I imagine that Lucy and Bootsie also contributed to her becoming the person that she is today. Caitlin is the kind of girl that moms hope their son will marry one day.

We hit the jackpot or I probably should say that Robert “chose wisely”. Of all the girls that we had met, as nice as they were, something was missing. Not with Caitlin, though. We knew she was special the first time we met her. In a short amount of time we grew to love her and we began to hope that Robert would realize just how special this sweet girl from Connecticut/Chicago/Higgins was. Soon we realized that this “friendship” was more than that and we were thrilled.

Fast forward to today, Mother’s Day eve. We are very proud grandparents of two awesome grandsons. Robert and Caitlin are doing an exceptional job as parents. I will occasionally laugh out loud watching Robert, Wesley and Britton as he is teaching them something or playing with them. Caitlin has three boys to keep in line and I imagine that challenge is going to intensify as Wesley and Britton get older. I can see the three of them now singing all of the words to Robert’s favorite songs and, of course, watching a movie and reciting all of the lines verbatim along with the actors. Help us all when some of the Sexton uncles and cousins get together with them! There will be a competition amongst them as to who can remember the most lines and act them out. Thinking of that makes me smile even now.

Being the person that she is, Caitlin will probably shake her head and say very little. She understands the Sexton boys. She understands and she loves. I have said on more than one occasion that Caitlin was hand-picked by the angels. Parents pray for their sons to marry someone like Caitlin. Parents pray for their grandchildren to have a mom like Caitlin. Parents pray for a daughter-in-law like Caitlin.

We are the lucky ones. Our prayers were answered on all accounts. Robert chose wisely and we are grateful that Caitlin said “yes”. Caitlin is so much more than a daughter-in-law to us. She has a very special place in our hearts and she is loved more than she will ever know.

If all moms could be like Caitlin…if only. Our grandsons have the best mommy in the world. The. Best.

Happy Mother’s Day, Caitlin. We love you.