Rob and I were overwhelmed today with the love and well wishes extended to us on our anniversary. 46 years ago we had not a clue as to how things would happen. We were young and foolish but we were in love. We quickly learned that love was a great thing but love was only part of the recipe for a successful marriage.Not always šŸŽµraindrops on roses or whiskers on kittensšŸŽ¶ .not even a few of our favorite things would make things right. We learned to depend on each other, to trust each other and to respect each other. We learned it was ok to disagree but we vowed to never go to bed mad. We learned the importance of communication and listening.We learned that money is a powerful thing. Lots of uses for money..some good and some not so good. Had to be careful. Pick your battles and pick your friends. Talk. Discuss. Disagree but be reasonable. Don’t try to live above your means. Go to church. Surround yourself and your family with a family of faith because the day will come when you will need someone to hold you up. Read the Bible. Attend church. No one is perfect. Everyone has needs and the church provides the peace and comfort and a place to reflect and renew and not be judged. Set aside some “us” time. No electronics, no interruptions. Focus on your spouse. Things are different in a marriage 46 years later and that’s ok. Things that were important then aren’t so important now. Being friends with “the right people”…what makes them the “right people” ? Social status can be lost in a heartbeat. Look for genuine friends who aren’t concerned with your bank account but rather are concerned/interested in who you are as a person and they will be there for you. So many lessons over the years. So many changes but the one constant is that our love remains and at the end of the day, we still have each other. We may not be rich and we mli

ay wish we did not have to struggle so much at times but that is life. So. here’s to the next 46! I’m ready for our next adventure! It may be more than we expect but that’s ok. Let’s go for it! I Love you, Rob. Forever.