You work tirelessly everyday even when you are in pain. You hide the pain though, because you must be strong. Too many people are depending on you so you do what you have to do. In silence. And alone. And broken.

Your silence is deafening and your pain is portrayed in your eyes, in the very place where the twinkle used to reside, and we wonder if it will ever return. It is portrayed in your spirit that has been broken. With each new day we look and we listen but nothing has changed. And we wonder if it ever will.

You have a strong desire to feel needed, to feel validated, to feel worthy. You try so hard, all the while thinking that in your mind, your best will never be good enough. But you are wrong.

On the outside looking in we see the anguish and the fear. We see the one with so much to give if one only was allowed. We see the weariness and at times, the slumping shoulders of defeat. And we cry for you and for the unfairness of it all.

But then we pray. We pray that one day your pain will be no more and the silence will no longer be necessary. We pray that your voice will be heard and that you will be acknowledged for who you are as a person. A person with a heart of gold who just wants peace and stability and respect. We pray that you will no longer feel the need to be validated but will recognize your importance to those around you who love you. We pray that you will find your inner strength. We all know it is there but do you? It surfaces on occasion and what a beautiful sight it is. But then it goes away leaving us to wonder if it will ever return. So we pray harder. With each glimmer of hope we give thanks and we continue to pray. We will not give up until all is right and just and safe.

We will never give up because you are loved and are so important to so many people. Most of all we will never give up because of one thing.

You. Are. Worthy. ❤️🙏